About that name…

Once upon a time there were 3 friends with varying degrees of experience in commerce, chemicals and computers.  One day they were chatting about all the different experiences they had when one of them mentioned his connection with a manufacturer of cleaning products.  Once this became know the light went on and the 3 guys got hold of said manufacturer to find out what was new. 

As luck would have it, the head sales guy as the chemical place mentioned that they had a big problem on their hands.  It seems they had developed this really cool, environmentally safe cleaning product for a railway that looking for an environmentally safer alternative to the toxic soup they were using to clean there trains.  Alas, the railway being a publicly traded company couldn’t afford to pay a little extra for said green cleaner and elected to continues dump toxic waste on the ground to this very day.

So the 3 dudes, realizing there was an opportunity as the chemico wasn’t prepared to undertake consumer marketing kind of company,  proposed to take this great product to market and deal was struck forthwith. A new company called Zen FarmZ was created and the name FrogWash™ was adopted after in depth research and head-scratching produced nothing that was either more descriptive nor more memorable.   After all, this was  a safer, gentler, sustainable cleaning solution.   Since frogs are an indicator species, the whole thing just made a lot of sense and FrogWash™ was born.

Consumer testing has shown that FrogWash™ can effectively replace literally dozens of  different specialty cleaning products being pushed on the public by mainstream producers.  Instead of chemically reacting with soils, FrogWash™ works by breaking apart the electrostatic bonds between stains and the underlying surfaces upon which they rest. With the connections between stain and surface broken, contaminating substances are readily washed away with water.

The difference between FrogWash™ and the other vendor’s offerings does not end with the product formulation itself. In keeping with Zen FarmZ’s vision of achieving triple-bottom line for success, an innovative marketing and distribution model is being deployed. Utilizing the networking strengths of not-for-profit organizations such as school fundraisers, Zen FarmZ contributes back to the community in a genuinely meaningful way while earning reasonable profit for shareholders. This is not a cynical, one time only ploy intended to rapidly build a huge and committed customer base on a shoe-string budget. Our charitable distributors will acquire a recurring source of revenue by supplying consumers with concentrated product to refill their depleted dispensers, retrieving the empties, and reducing landfill waste.  

A unique combination of an effective, environmentally safe, affordable product with direct marketing and distribution and social dividends will ensure FrogWash™ will rapidly become the market leader. Complimentary new products in the pipeline will ensure long term growth.