Food Safe FrogWash is the Better Than Clean solution for your food service operation.

Dining Room 1


Have you ever wished for any of the following?

  • Reduce the number of different cleaning products you have to buy?
  • Avoid having to sign a contract in order to get dilution equipment?
  • Get rid of all the toxic chemicals in your storage area?
  • Stop getting complaints from staff about the products they use?
  • Finally get grout and tile clean?
  • Clean greasy residue off your floors?
  • Get those pesky stains off your coffee cups?
  • Save money on your cleaning products?
  • Reduce your environmental footprint?
  • Turn your cleaning efforts into a source of pride?

FrogWash allows you to do all of these things and more by consolidating practically all your cleaning needs into a single solution.  Use FrogWash in all these areas and all these items:

Drinking and Dining Areas

Tables Bars Chairs Upholstery  Décor Accoutrements  Menus

Kitchen Areas

Preparation  Counters  Shelves   Sinks Ovens  Coolers  Grills  Vents  Fans  Appliances  Wares (Cookware Tableware Dishware Glassware)


Sinks  Toilets  Counters  Mirrors  Dispensers

All Areas

Floors   Walls  Ceilings  Doors  Shelves  Lighting  Fixtures

Exterior  Areas

Windows  Awnings  Signage  Sidewalks  Decks   Umbrellas
Made in BC entirely from non-toxic materials on Environment Canada’s Domestic Substances List, FrogWash comes as a concentrated liquid in 4.0 Litre and 20 Litre sizes. FrogWash allows y0u to save money, space, time and waste by reducing the number of different cleaning products you need to buy.   WHMIS exempt FrogWash is CFIA listed (Action 506) and has been reviewed by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority,  the Fraser Health Authority and Alberta Health Services with no concerns over use in food services establishments whatsoever.

Order today and find out why FrogWash is Better Than Clean.