Community Fundraising Partner

Fundraising for Health, Safety, Education and Community Service

Zen FarmZ is committed to leading the way with exemplary corporate citizenship. In the words of our CEO, Dale Leier, “If you don’t support your community, it will not be able to support you.” So, in the spirit of giving back to all who helped to make our success possible, we are pleased to announce our Community Fundraising Partnership Program.

Zen FarmZ will work with any legitimate community organization dedicated to health, education, safety and community fundraising service by providing FrogWash on a 50/50 commission basis. In addition to providing the FrogWash product, we will also assist with marketing materials and other support including use of our online store

How it Works

Community Fundraising Partners may offer FrogWash to their families, friends, neighbors, customers, co-workers and any other supporters they can find. Supporters then use the Support Code to place their orders on our online store. At the end of the fundraising period, the orders will be batched and sent to the fundraisers for delivery and 50% of the moneys raised (not including sales taxes, of course) will be forwarded to the organizers. Afterwards, if any supporters wish to reorder, they can do so and the appropriate revenue share will be sent to the organization.

Join Our Community Fundraising Partner Program

To register for our Community Fundraising Partner Program, simply email your contact information to and we will be in touch shortly.

Our Community Fundraising Partners

These leading organizations have been selected for their shared sense of community a concern for the environment. Please use the appropriate code when placing your online order to ensure they enjoy your continued support:

St. Margaret’s School Victoria BC Code:VIC001