What is FrogWash?

FrogWash is different from practically all the other cleaning products on the market.  Other cleaning products often rely upon harsh solvents, acids and caustics to break apart stains in much the same way a blunt hammer shatters marbles – which is to say, brute force.

FrogWash, on the other hand, performs as a precision scalpel surgically slicing through the bonds secuing soils and stains to underlying surfaces.  Freed from supporting platform the offending materials freely disintegrate to be washed away naturally.

Solvents, acids and caustics cleaners are usually gauged by the brute concentration of chemicals in a “more is better” horsepower race.  FrogWash, a water-activated catalytic cleaner works more traditionally through a combination of residence, agitation, removal and rinse to produce exceptional cleaning results.

The longer you leave FrogWash at work on soils or stains, the better your results. This is true regardless of the concentration used.  See just what a 12% solution of FrogWash can do after only a few minutes of residence time,  a bit of agitation, and some rinsing with water. 

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