FrogWash Bulk Solutions


FrogWash has always been about savings.   By providing an exceptionally effective all purpose concentrated cleaner we accomplish 3 great goals with just 1 great  product:

Goal #1: Save Money

Producing FrogWash in concentrated form allows us to reduce the amount of packaging materials, storage and shipping expenses.  By passing the savings along to our distributors and retailers,  you save big time at the checkout stand.

Goal # 2: Reduce Waste

By reducing the amount of packing needed to provide maximum cleaning power, we reduce the size and cost of handing waste packaging. When we create less waste, everyone wins.

Goal #3:   Conserve Space

With reduced living spaces the new norm for many of us, there simply isn’t room for dozens of specialty cleaning products.   Because FrogWash is like having 1o0 enviro-gentle cleaners in one, you don’t need to give up results in order to gain storage space.


Once we realized many of our customers were interested in bringing their containers back to the store for refilling, we came up with a solution that everyone can benefit from.   Our bulk solution consists of providing RESUABLE 4 litre, 8 litre and 11 litre that customers can bring back to the point of purchase and exchange for new ones.

For the first time in history,  consumer packing waste is completely eliminated!

Never again do users have to throw away perfectly good plastic packaging materials as our containers can be used over and over and over again.  In fact, we estimate our containers will last for years before they are recycled.