Gluten Free


Yes, I can already hear you saying,  “Who cares, this is a cleaner not intended for consumption.”  I would have agreed with you until some new facts came to light.  

It seems that even trace amounts of gluten can have a devastating impact on those who are afflicted with gluten intolerance.  Moreover, many consumer products including natural soaps and cleaners contain a form of vitamin E called  tocopherol acetate (TA).  TA, it seems, is frequently made from wheat, corn, soy and a number of other sources and may cause a reaction among gluten-intolerant persons.   FrogWash does not contain TA and is therefore not a potential problem for these folks.  For more information on this issue,  here’s a link for you.      

Gluten-free Areas

Now that we know how small the traces of gluten are an issue for sensitivities,  the other important issue is to make homes, schools, facilities and other places such as public transit safer for everyone to use.   FrogWash is extremely effective at removing all types of contaminants from food preparation and work areas.  So, in addition to being gluten free itself,  FrogWash is a great way to clean areas which may already be contaminated with gluten.   So there you have it.  FrogWash doesn’t just clean.  FrogWash is BETTER THAN CLEAN!