Mould Cleaning

Concrete Wall

After a flood, moold will quickly take-hold in concrete, wood, building exteriors, cloth fibers, insulation, furnishings or almost anything that ‘black water’ has come into contact with. Black water is the term used when flood water has mixed with sewage back-flow.

The best course of action is to first clean the surface with FrogWash, removing all of the mold spores and organic particles, destroying the growth cycle. FrogWash breaks the spore barrier (the residue left behind from mold that new mold grows out of).

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After the mold is gone, you still need to remove the germs and diseases that the black watter has deposited. To do this apply a hospital grade disinfectant such as a dilution of 30% Hydrogen Peroxide, which we are happy to provide to our by the gallon – 1 Gallon makes 60 gallons of hospital grade disinfectant – Contact our sales department today to place an order for FrogWash and 30% Hydrogen Peroxide