New Frog Wash

Thank  you for dropping by to visit the New FrogWash – available from Ernie Jantzen.

FrogWash is 100 enviro-friendly cleaners in ONE!

If this is the first time you’ve heard about FrogWash then you are in for a treat.  FrogWash is an amazing, ALL purpose cleaner for use in your home, office or place of work.    Strong enough to clean your BBQ, yet safe to clean your fish tank,  FrogWash makes short work of your biggest cleaning jobs.   Yet FrogWash is your family safe,  pet safe, septic safe envirosafe  answer to all your concerns over maintaining a healthy home.

Save  money 

FrogWash is manufactured locally and sold in concentrated form.   So, instead of paying for water, you get pure cleaning power for your hard earned money.  Less packaging + less energy + concentrated formula = BIG $$$ SAVINGS!

  1. Simply dilute FrogWash as indicated below to meet all your cleaning needs.  
  2. Apply to your toughest cleaning challenges – everything from carpets and showers to counters and upholstery.
  3. Allow to sit on the area to be cleaned for up to 60 seconds .  The longer you let FrogWash work for you, less effort and best results will be realized.
  4. Wipe, rub or brush the area to be cleaned.
  5. Rinse away remaining FrogWash and enjoy a new and better kind of clean.

HE Laundry:   Add  60ml (2 ounces)  of  water to and equal amount of FrogWash and pour into machine for fresh smelling clothes.  (Note: Does not contain scent or fabric softener).

Dishwasher,  Sink or Mop Bucket:    Just use 30 to 60 ml (1 to 2 ounces)  FrogWash and use as you normally would your dish or dishwasher detergent. (Note:  Rinses away completely for a spot-free/squeaky clean finish).

Heavy Duty Cleaning:  Mix  60ml (2 ounces) FrogWash with 440 ml (14 ounces) of water in your favourite spray bottle.     Just one litre of FrogWash makes up to 20 litres of Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Light Duty Cleaning:  Mix 30ml (1 ounce) Frogwash  with 460 ml (15 ounces) of water in your favourite spray bottle.  Just one litre of FrogWash makes up to 10 litres of Light Duty Cleaner.

Windows, Mirrors,  Glass, Stainless  Metal:  5 ml (1/5th ounce) with 500 ml (16 ounces) of water in your favourite spray bottle.  Just one litre of FrogWash makes up to 100 litres of Cleaner.

For a list stains and surfaces FrogWash can clean,  click here.


Make money 

In addition being a great cleaner FrogWash is also a great income opportunity.   With very little investment required, no minimum quotas and the ability to set your own hours,  you can run this business out of the convenience of your own home.      Very little investment, very little space, very little effort required.

There are no territories, so you can sell to friends, families, businesses,  cleaning companies, or anyone else you know who wants an effective and economical cleaning product that does not harm the environment.

For more information on just call Ernie at (604) 308-1693



FrogWash Sizes

FrogWash comes in several sizes to meet every need and budget:

1.0 Litre Bottle:  MSRP $12.    (Makes up to 20 litres of all purpose cleaner – that’s only $.80 per litre!)

Case of 6 X 1.0 L: $60


4.0 Litre Jug: MSRP $60.     (Makes up to 80 litres of all purpose cleaner – that’s

Case of 4 X 4.0L:  $220


20 Litre Pail:   MSPR $240

2 X 20 L:  $400.


(Note:  Delivery charge of $20 applies on orders under $100.