Non-Toxic Graffiti Remover

Pity the poor street artist who dedicates his life’s work to defacing public monuments, structures and utilities with permanent maker.   Their days are numbered as these examples make.  Once random acts of cleaning with FrogWash become commonplace, their best works will become forgotten history.

Graffiti Remover
Control box before FrogWash (L) and after FrogWash (R)

Graffiti Remover Before and After

                Post Box before (L) and after (R) FrogWash.


Remove Permanent Marker and Paint Graffiti

Not satisfied with sitting on our permanent marker cleaning laurels, we decided to test ourselves with a few greater challenges. But, what to do next?   How about PAINT graffiti?!!!   Feast your eyes on these my fellow Frogsters and behold the magic known as FrogWash.

Ink Graffiti RemoverBlack Paint Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover Graffiti Remover Graffiti Remover

YouTube Preview Image