Infinite Uses

One of the most remarkable features of FrogWash is the growing list of things both at home and at work which can be cleaned effectively.  With new uses being added daily, this is just a partial list of all the cleaning solutions FrogWash can effectively replace:

  • Non-slip & Textured Surfaces

  • Diaper and Pail Cleaner

  • Pet Accidents, Kitty Boxes,  Bird Cages

  • Glass Cleaner and Stainless Cleaner

  • Shower & Tub Cleaner

  • Tile & Grout Cleaner

  • Toilet & Sink Cleaner

  • Rug and Carpet Cleaner

  • Oven & Stove Cleaner

  • Wheel Cleaner


The reason FrogWash can accomplish so much is due to the chemistry behind the product.   In effect, FrogWash is a catalytic type of cleaner that breaks the bonds between surface and foreign material (contaminant).   So,  unlike solvent types of cleaners, FrogWash works very effectively even when diluted.   The longer it is allowed to reside on the surface, the more effective it becomes.

To appreciate the full breadth of applications for this amazing product,  we’re divided the least of accomplishments into thrre areas:   Surfaces that can be cleaned, and things that can be cleaned from surfaces, and typical applications.


Glass,  metals, wood,  plastic, fabrics,  linoleum,  vinyl,  concrete,  tiles, concrete,  grout, masonry, rubber, chrome, leather, uphostery, carpets,  cotton, wool, marble, granite, sandstone, painted surfaces, ceramics, porcelain, pottery, canvas, fiberglass.

Soils and Stains (Contaminants)

Soot, dirt, scuffs, grease, diesel, gas, oil, food, hairspray, mold, mildew, moss, dyes, food coloring, bio-stains (blood, urine, feces, semen), grass, ink, markers (permanent and erasable), paint, newspaper ink, fingerprints, bird droppings, light rust, hard water scale.


Windows, mirrors, mattresses, bedding, winshields, seats, carpets, rugs, mats, moldings,  wallpaper, floors, walls, siding, driveways, furniture, equipment, tools, machinery, ultra-sonic baths,  bathtubs, toilets, showers, laundry, posts, pans, dishes,  cupboards, closets, counters, bus shelters,  control boxes, signs, ovens, stove tops,  hoods,  doors,  jewellery,  kitchens, bathrooms, garages, exhaust vents, vehicles, luggage, containers, sports equipment (including every type of ball known to humankind), boats, sails, trailers, tents, faucets, fixtures,  chandeliers. engines, motors, exhausts, fuel tanks, ponds, fish tanks, water tanks, fireplaces, chimneys, canvas sails, tents and awnings.

Note: Test for color-fastness before using on fabrics. Avoid use on silk, satins, suede, ivory, opals and pearls.  FrogWash is an effective all purpose cleaner but IT IS NOT A DISINFECTANT.  Health Canada recommends a proper cleaning regimine consists of maintaining clean surfaces folllowed by separate applications of disinfectant.

If you hear or know of a surface, stain, or application not listed, please let us know as it seems we can barely keep up ourselves.