FrogWash in Lethbridge

The Bridge

Affectionately known as “The Windy City”  Lethbridge is rapidly moving beyond it’s iconic High Level Bridge and Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens to becoming a world-class energy and agricultural centre.  Growing rapidly from new residents relocating here for the amenities and conveniences, Lethbridge has something to offer folks of all ages. On top of this, we are enjoying our own home-made “Baby Boom” as this is seen as one of the best places in the world to raise a family.

FrogWash is a family-safe, all purpose cleaner that works as well in the kitchen and laundry as it does in the bathroom and garage.   

Parents, especially those with infants and young children, are naturally concerned about product safety as the littlest members of our families spend a lot of their time on all fours. Yet, few people realize there are no regulations governing the safety of cleaning products sold in retail stores for domestic use.  With FrogWash you don’t need to be concerned because it is a completely non-toxic, bio-degradable, unscented cleaning product  made exclusively from materials found only on Environment Canada’s Domestic Substances List.

FrogWash is available as a concentrate so you to save money and space while protecting you family’s health and our shared environment by mixing your own ready-to-use cleaners.

We like to say that FrogWash is like having 100 enviro-gentle cleaners in one.  That’s because it replaces just about every cleaner used in homes, offices and many businesses and you’ve got a unique solution to the problem of to many different, harmful cleaners.

Window/Glass/Stainless  – costs as little as $.15 per bottle to mix

Kitchen & Bath  Cleaner – costs as little as $.50 per bottle to mix

Extra Strong Stain & Spot Cleaner – costs as little as $1.00 per bottle to mix

HE Laundry a Automatic Dishwasher Detergent – costs as little as $.40 per load. 

Best of all, FrogWash is safe for all members of your family and for discharge.

Biodegradable      Non-Toxic     Un-scented   Pet Safe       Food Safe      Septic Safe    Child Safe  For a complete list of ingredients, click here.

For a growing list of all the things FrogWash can effectively clean, click here.

FrogWash is available in Lethbridge at

Oliver Health Foods on Mayor Magrath Drive


Umami Shop on 4th Avenue South


You can also contact us directly for free local delivery.

If you like to have fun, make money, reduce your taxes and help save the planet, you should consider becoming a home-based independent distributor. To find out more drop us a line at or call 403.331.3112 today.